A Personification of Tea

If tea was a person, what would you see? I see a villager, one who is wise You would see pieces, of you and of me * She would be ancient, live one with the trees A native woman, with thousands of ties  If tea was a person, what would you see? * One with […]

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The Tea That Enlightened Me

In my post The Tea That Chose Me, I described a surprising experience I had with a sample of a Raw Puerh I didn’t expect to like. I talked about how it seemed as though I didn’t find this tea but this tea found me. I couldn’t get it out of my head, it called […]

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Cold Brew: Jade Oolong

This tea is nice and floral when brewed gong fu style. It’s got a light sweetness and tartness that kind of reminds me of a Tie Guan Yin but a bit different. Although I did enjoy this tea, I didn’t find it as complex as others that I have tried. HOWEVER, as a cold brew, […]

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