Food of the gods

This is a meal Heavy, rich, decadent. It delivers in full force. I would not call it gentle, but indeed it is kind, nourishing, and asserting. It is a beast in its natural state, undomesticated, wild and beautiful but unyielding. It is as it is, do not take it if you are not ready. It […]

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Cacao Qi

For a long time, before chocolate bars and ice cream, Cacao was consumed as a drink. Native to Mexico and Central America, it was a key ingredient to several pre-hispanic drinks including Tejate and Pópo which are still consumed today. I have been becoming more and more intrigued to learn about cacao’s history. Since Mexico […]

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Gong Fu Hot Chocolate!

Growing up, I always had hot chocolate made with milk. I actually didn’t know that people would make it using water and when I had my first experience with water based hot chocolate… I thought it was an abomination! Like, who does that? I’m not one to pick hot chocolate as a drink very often […]

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Raspberry Leaf (Rubus idaeus)

Raspberry leaf is the perfect herb to begin your exploration with “gong fu herbs” The taste is surprisingly similar to a black tea. I had read this before but was a bit skeptical since I’ve had raspberry leaf many other times, yet it was always in a blend with other things so I hadn’t really […]

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