Cold Brew: Jade Oolong

This tea is nice and floral when brewed gong fu style. It’s got a light sweetness and tartness that kind of reminds me of a Tie Guan Yin but a bit different. Although I did enjoy this tea, I didn’t find it as complex as others that I have tried. HOWEVER, as a cold brew, this tea is a different story!

After being in the fridge for 12 hours, the infusion was thick and syrupy. The taste was quite honey-like and very floral. It surprised me in that it reminded me a lot of a cold brew Mi Lan Xiang oolong- a bit more toned down but still quite similar. The liquid has a strong lasting presence in the body, I felt like I could feel it sticking to my throat. Right before swallowing a small bite of tartness hits the taste buds. I found it to be a very pleasant and interesting experience.

I refilled the glass with water and let it sit for 6 hours before drinking the second infusion which was still very lovely. I highly recommend trying this kind and other kinds of oolongs as cold brews- so far they have been some of my favorites.

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