Camellia’s Treaty

I wrote this at least a year ago when I finally decided on a name for my tea blog. For me, names and titles are important, they are the first piece of information people generally know about another person or a paper or book they’re about to read. Titles convey the essence of what is inside written pages, your name is how others identify you, the sound of it will bring up a mental picture- a picture of you and along with it, everything they know about you. With this concept in mind I thought a lot about what I wanted to call my site, I considered the reasons why I love tea so much and why other people love tea as well and why I want everyone to know about good tea. In my about section and in my Hospitalitea post, I go into detail about how tea can be a sort of peace treaty amongst people, nations and the self. Check it out if you’re interested.

In order to write this poem, I looked up a bunch of treaties and got a general idea of the format they’re written in and decided to use it as a template to write this poem. Form (Such as A specific pattern and syllable count per line) is an often overlooked feature of poetry, especially in today’s age where the “free-verse” poem is favored. More attention is given to emotional feelings and descriptions conveyed as well as word play and rhyming. These are all good things that make up a great poem, however, form can play a huge role in conveying a message as well as the talent of the writer. Many see it as restricting but I see it as freeing- for example, a kite is only free to fly so long as there is a string attached to it and a fish is free to live as long as it stays in the water. Having boundaries and restraints does not always hinder a person’s ability to be free but it enables their freedom. A country without rules or laws is not a free country but a country enslaved to the mercy of other human beings who each hold a set of cruel, selfish desires in their hearts and who with no consequences in their midst will do anything and everything you can imagine. 

Anyway as you can see, this is a point i find important, writing is another of my hobbies I enjoy engaging in. I don’t want to get carried away talking about writing so… the point is that I wrote this poem “Camellia’s Treaty” in the format of a general treaty. Here it is!




Convention signed in the dimension of transcending souls and Truth                              Ratified by Camellia sinensis and assamica in an ever present eternity 

                      Treaty series of timelessness  


I am not discriminating, I have no eyes to see your differences anyway. No ears to understand your quarrels and no nose to have a preference of the air that I grow in. I cannot discern the flavors around me but I’ll freely give those within me. I cannot feel rough or soft but those who hold me will soften their edges yet sharpen their senses. East and west, north and south, inside every house and on the lips of every mouth. I silence distraught noise and loosen the chained voice. I am the wreath that unifies the world. I have done nothing to be so loved, I am but one of a million. To you and all people I make this promise. 

Article I

White rays of new energy will sure flow

When you first bring me inside of your home

I’ll impart on you a radiant glow

Flashing into exuberance of chrome

Article II

Green as the grass, nourishing as the soil

Consume me well, body and spirit grow

I’m rich with the bite of fresh olive oil

Graft me to your life, much health I’ll bestow

Article III

Yellow like the warmth of the sun I greet

I welcome widows and wealthy from high

I offer the best, the rarest, most sweet

I’ll rescue you from rain, help you get dry

Article IV

Wooed and longed for are the true and steady

Attributes I give away without lies

Rely on me, I’ll always be ready

To give you my time until the light dies

Article V

Black belt masters are no match for my strength

In fact, they seek me whenever they lack

I’m here for all who ask, at any length

I serve with no reproach, and without slack

Article VI

Pure air is soaked in my leaves that you steep

The wisdom of ages caked in my pores

I’ll give you a timeless sip so deep

I’ll teach you the stories, the truths and lore’s




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