Kill Green

Behold here the tree, the bush, and the leaves Behold the human, that cultivates seeds   Witness the withering, whining, weeping Watch how they’re chosen, select for flogging   Torn, battered, broken, blood drawn out, seeping  Pushed to the limit and scorched by the sun   Rolling, frying, steaming, and drying Pushed and pulled between […]

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The Voice of Infusions

  These leaves are words, they exist on their own Whether we think them, or even know them They’re here in existence since they’ve been sown  They speak all languages, gleaming like gems   This water is space, a medium, a page  It etches, engraves, cannot be undone  A carrier of peace, madness or rage […]

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The Tea That Chose Me

The past year I have been trying many samples of pu-erh. I’ve been trying to figure out what I do and don’t like and simply educate myself on what pu-erh can taste like. So far I have found that I do not like shu (cooked/ripe) pu-erh, despite my willingness to try many, I haven’t found […]

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